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Most Women Own About 17 Pairs of Shoes, But are Afraid of 4 Inch Heels

By Lauren Sherman Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011 / 5:45 PM GMT -4

Are women really shoe-obsessed?

According to a national poll released by Shop Smart magazine, the answer is…kind of. On average, women own 17 pairs of shoes and spend around $49 on each pair. They typically buy three pairs of shoes every year.

Some other fun facts:

39% of women prefer flats above all else

only 33% have spent more than $100 on a pair of shoes

29% feel comfortable buying shoes online

■only 25% have worn shoes that are 4″ or higher

Now, the 17 pairs of shoes makes sense. As does the $50 average. (Because not everyone is lucky enough to own as many pairs of Loubs as Blake Lively, okay?) But really, only 25% of women have worn shoes that are four inches or higher? I mostly wear flats, and I still think that’s unlikely. Can you even find anything less than four inches at Nine West?

Well, it turns out that the survey consisted of 1,009 interviews completed via household telephone. Which means most of the women surveyed are old enough to still have a land line. Case closed.


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